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Mold-Free Construction Workbook 2.0

Mold-Free Construction Workbook 2.0
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The B  KEY to effectively utilizing the
NORMI™ Sanitization Protocol during Construction
(for homeowners and professionals who want a Healthier Home as they build, remodel or plan to move into their new “dream” home…practical advice for everyone!)

Revised to take advantage of the new things we’ve learned since our original offering, this book is designed to provide information for homeowners, professionals, homebuilders, and other construction partners regarding the Mold-Free Process, a process by which the problems of mold, mildew, bacteria and other microbiological contaminants may be controlled and, in some cases, eliminated by decisions made during the building process.  Many of the problems relating to mold and mildew proliferation are a direct result of poor decision-making during the design and construction stages of construction, as well as, the methods and materials used in the construction process itself.  By adhering to the recommendations herein described the occurrence of mold and mildew problems can be substantially reduced and thereby provide a more allergy-free environment for the new homeowner.  Those who have read the book have found it helpful in evaluating problems with microbial contamination in existing structures.  By understanding and identifying those problems, solutions may be implemented to reduce or eliminate contaminants in existing structures.




INTRODUCTION                                                                 page 5

The Reasons & Goal for Writing the Book


CHAPTER ONE                                                                  page 12

Legitimacy of the Concern


CHAPTER TWO                                                                  page 18

Mold: As a Surrogate for IAQ Problems


CHAPTER THREE                                                                page 26         
Foundation & Moisture Plane Considerations


CHAPTER FOUR                                                                 page 38

Dry-in Considerations & Preventive Measures


CHAPTER FIVE                                                                  page 48

Insulation Options & Air Infiltration


CHAPTER SIX                                                                    page 52

Plumbing Considerations


CHAPTER SEVEN                                                                 page 64

Roofing Considerations


CHAPTER EIGHT                                                                 page 79

Air Conditioning (HVAC) Considerations


CHAPTER NINE                                                                   page 93

IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) Considerations


CHAPTER TEN                                                                       page 110

Finishes/Furnishings Considerations


CHAPTER ELEVEN                                                                 page 117

Preparing to Move In and “Beyond”


CHAPTER TWELVE                                                                 page 124

The Mold-Free Process Checklist


CHAPTER THIRTEEN                                                                 page 130

The Index & NORMI™ Sanitization Protocol