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Anabec x70

Anabec x70
Weight 50.00 lbs
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Anabec's x70 is a moisture barrier designed to be used following the mold remediation process.  It is specifically designed for application to unfinished building surfaces such as framing lumber, plywood, OSB, brick, block, and unfinished drywall.  Through the use of nano-technology, the ingredients of x70 penetrate the surface of the material.  When used following a thorough cleaning of the surface, it provides an extremely durable physical barrier which resists moisture build-up.  

* For use on unfinished building materials.

* It is available in 5 gallon ready-to-use pails with coverage of up to 1000 sq/ft per gallon.

* It is an excellent primer for latex paints and is tintable.

* It can be applied with and airless sprayer or a paint brush and roller.

* It is available in Clear or Translucent White.  Please select color when ordering!


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