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Pet Screening Kit

Pet Screening Kit
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Pets can share what they have with their human care-takers. Test your pet or their environment for unseen problems.  There is much research on this issue and allergists are coming to better understand how our pets effect us and our health.  Many people would like to test the skin lesions or scratches they find on their pets but the cost to take a pet to the veterinarian is prohibitive.  This Do-it-Yourself kit is the answer.  The report is easy to read and will give the Dr. the information he needs WITHOUT your having to pay his expensive lab fees.

Know for sure BEFORE you transport your pet to the Vet…

  • Is there a way for me to fix the problem myself?
  • Could my pet be contributing to my allergic reactions?
  • Can I save the cost of lab fees even IF I take my pet to the Vet?

Includes 1 swab, pair of gloves, chain of custody form, lab shipping label

Results are sent via email and include a complete analysis of the contamination as well as a sensitivity chart for the application of the appropriate and effective antibiotic.