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Thank you for contacting us at Best Living Systems! We are confident that the wholistic, green technologies on our site will improve and solve your living situation concerns. Please take a moment to see if any of the information below can help answer the questions you may have. We look forward to serving you soon.


For our videos, click here.

If you are not sure what product to use, click here.

For our MSDS and PIS (Product Information Sheets) for EnzyMagic91 and Bacshield, click on the product page.  For other products, send an email to Jonathan@BestLivingSystems.com

I can't see a certain product that I know Best Living Systems sells, what's wrong?

~ Check to see if you are logged in to your account.  If you see the option to "Sign In" in the upper right hand corner of the BLS home page, then you are not logged on.  Once you are logged on, your name should appear in the green bar at the top of the BLS home page.  You should then be able to see all of our products.  If that doesn't work, try using our search tool in the upper left hand corner of the BLS home page.

How do I use my Best Living Systems Bonus Points?

~ When logged in to your account, click on "My Account" in the upper right hand corner of the BLS homepage. Click on the "Bonuses" tab. Click on the "Convert to a gift certificate" button, fill out the form, and it will email you instructions on how to redeem the gift certificate.

Do you sell refurbished air purication units?

~ Sometimes refurbs are available, but not typically. Contact us with the specific unit you are interested in.

I am interested in representing your line of products, what do I do?

~ Send an email to shop@BestLivingSystems.com and we'll get in touch with you.

What is the status of my order?

~ For detailed tracking information, please sign in at www.BestLivingSystems.com, click on My Account & then Order History. Find and click on your order, then select "History of Changes".

Do you have any discounts available?

~ From the Best Living Systems homepage, scroll all the way to the bottom and check the News section to see our current discounts.

Will EnzyMagic 91 work on ____________.

~ EnzyMagic 91 has been used on a wide variety of surfaces, however, it might not have ever been used on the surface on your particular application. As always, consult the PIS & MSDS sheets. Other than that, keep this in mind. EnzyMagic can be used on anything that is washable with water. Leave it on for at least 15 minutes (if not longer) before scrubbing to let the enzymes work. Wash away with sponge, cloth, or brush and repeat as needed. It's compatible with most commercial cleaning systems.

How does the Home Air Check Test Kit work?

~The initial kit cost includes 2 pumps and 4 tubes used for sampling.  After your initital purchase the tubes will be replaced as you send them in to the lab.  Additional fees for sampling are charged by the lab with a discount offered to NORMI members. 

What is the shelf life of your chemicals?

~2 years, depending on storage conditions.  All chemicals should be stored above 50 degrees F.  All chemicals should be stored in original, tightly sealed containers.

For administrative offices, dial 1.800.728.7206 x 801.