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"Air of Mystery" CD

Used in NORMI™ Mold Assessor/Inspector courses, this segment, which was presented on ABC's news program, highlights the problems that mold problems can cause.

Basic PCO/RCI 6" Replacement Cell (for GT3000)

This basic PCO/RCI cell is a replacement cell that includes the bulb and the honeycomb target plate designed to fit a variety of air purification stand alone units (see compatibility list).

Basic Sanitization Package

A basic sanitization package for the improvement of indoor air quality that addresses the filtration, purification, and sanitization needs in any indoor environment.  Included are 1 BLS12K air purification unit, 1 4-pack of PerfectFit Filters for your HVAC unit, and 1 quart of EnzyMagic201 cleaner.  Pricing will depend on the size of the filter required.  Package with Green sizes: $624.92; Package with Red sizes: $649.92.  Please be sure to choose your filter size via the dropdown box in the details section by clicking on the picture to the left.

BLS HVAC Probe Replacement Complete Cell w/UV

Standard 5", 9" and 14" replacement Complete Cell with UV for HVAC in duct air purification units.

BLS12K (Stand Alone)

The BLS12K is designed to sanitize surfaces and improve indoor air quality by dealing with pollutants in a proactive way. The BLS12K produces aggressive ionized oxidizers and multi-cluster ions that are then distributed throughout the home or office.

Check out our brand new BLS Enhanced Warranty for this product!


HOW the product works and where: https://vimeo.com/76887839


BLS12K Remote Control

Remote control for the BLS12K stand alone unit.

BLS12K Replacement Ozone Stick

This is the replacement part which produces ozone in the BLS12K and GreenTech GT1500.

BLS12K Wall Bracket (10 Pack)

The pack of TEN (10) wall brackets is designed for the BLS12K/GT1500.

BLS12K/MCI12K/MCI22K Power Supply

Power supply (including the power brick and power cord) for the BLS12K, MCI12K, and MCI22K stand alone air purification units. 

BLS12K/MCI12K/MCI22K Replacement Filters (24 Pack)

BLS12K/MCI12K/MCI22K Replacement Filters

  • 3 Year Supply (24 filters)
  • Each filter is a 90 day filter
  • Merv 7
  • No blow-by allowed
  • Organic, no cardboard used