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Replacement Parts


Basic PCO/RCI 6" Replacement Cell (for GT3000)

This basic PCO/RCI cell is a replacement cell that includes the bulb and the honeycomb target plate designed to fit a variety of air purification stand alone units (see compatibility list).

BLS HVAC Probe Replacement Complete Cell w/UV

Standard 5", 9" and 14" replacement Complete Cell with UV for HVAC in duct air purification units.

BLS12K Remote Control

Remote control for the BLS12K stand alone unit.

BLS12K Replacement Ozone Stick

This is the replacement part which produces ozone in the BLS12K and GreenTech GT1500.

BLS12K/MCI12K/MCI22K Fan Assembly

Complete fan assembly for the BLS12K, MCI12K, and MCI22K stand alone air purification units.

BLS12K/MCI12K/MCI22K Power Supply

Power supply (including the power brick and power cord) for the BLS12K, MCI12K, and MCI22K stand alone air purification units. 

BLS12K/MCI12K/MCI22K Rear Filter Assembly

Rear filter assembly for the BLS12K and GT1500.  Includes the mesh and the honeycomb.  Each unit requires two (2).  Also fits the MCI12K and MCI22K stand-alone units.

BLS12K/MCI12K/MCI22K Replacement Filters (24 Pack)

BLS12K/MCI12K/MCI22K Replacement Filters

  • 3 Year Supply (24 filters)
  • Each filter is a 90 day filter
  • Merv 7
  • No blow-by allowed
  • Organic, no cardboard used
BLS12K/MCI22K Replacement Cell

This is a replacement cell for the BLS12K and MCI22K stand-alone air purifiers.

Ceramic Air Purification Plate (HIGH frequency)

This HIGH frequency ceramic air purification plate is compatible with a range of air purification equipment that uses corona discharge as its ozone producing mechanism.