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EnzyMagic201/BacShield Combo Pack

Best Living Systems always recommends a 2 step process when killing or removing mold, mildew, dirt, or other surface contaminants.  Clean & Protect.  This combo pack combines 2 of our most popular products (EnzyMagic201 & BacShield) to deliver a powerful 2 step cleaning and coating process to any job.  Each product will produce over 2.5 ready-to-use gallons, a perfect combination for small jobs!  Buy them together in this package and save!



The MCI PRV24K is a stand alone air purification unit utilized during the air scrubbing process to enhance the PRV (Post-Remediation Verification) by using ionized, purified air keeping air and surfaces clean.

pureWash Pro

Clean, purify, and sanitize your clothes with pureWash Pro laundry system.  It connects easily and safely to all models of front load and top load washers, and purifies naturally with the power of oxygen-infused water.  Additionally, it saves you money and energy by using cold water and little to no laundry detergent!

EnzyMagic201 (20:1 Concentrate) Quart (32oz)

EnzyMagic 201™ is a concentrated enzymatic product specifically formulated for the cleaning of all surfaces. It uses enzyme action to penetrate and lift the contaminants from the surface permitting them to be rinsed away leaving a residue-free finish. It is easy and safe to use.


Mold Screening Kit

This simple test gives you the opportunity to know, once and for all, what types of contamination you may be breathing and what might be the consequences.

Pet Screening Kit

Pets can share what they have with their human care-takers. TEST your pet or their environment for unseen problems.

Know for sure BEFORE you transport your pet to the Vet…

  • Is there a way for me to fix the problem myself?
  • Could my pet be contributing to my allergic reactions?
  • Can I save the cost of lab fees even IF I take my pet to the Vet?

Includes 1 swab, pair of gloves, chain of custody form, lab shipping label

Results are sent via email and include a complete analysis of the contamination as well as a sensitivity chart for the application of the appropriate and effective antibiotic.

RADON Test Kit (DIY)

This DO-IT-YOURSELF kit allows you to perform your own test by placing the canister, mailing it to the lab (envelope provided) and receiving a report on Radon in your environment.  IF you discover a problem, YOU should contact a licensed Radon Mitigator in your area who can help you understand the importance of properly fixing whatever problems are found.