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Featuring the trademarked MCI™ (multi-cluster ionization) surface cleaning technology

This technology was awarded the HM Innovative Award at the 2014 International ASHRAE Convention because of its unique characteristics and effectiveness in neutralizing or destroying airborne and surface contaminants. This technology is measurable and, by all testing standards, safe in every indoor environment providing cleaner air and surfaces. In 2015, the HM Innovative Award was given to the PerfectFit Filter for its revolutionary internal frame design eliminating bio-nesting and blow-by. Sold by subscription and delivered free to the residence or office, clients never need search for their filter again.

Best Living Systems, LLC develops unique products that carry standard manufacturer warranties. In some instances, the warranty can be extended utilizing the BLS Enhanced Warranty to enhance the service and maintenance of, in particular, air purification technologies. Please visit our site at www.BLSWarranty.com to review your options and the products that are included in this program.

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