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FAM (Fresh Air Makeup)

FAM (Fresh Air Makeup)

The MCI FAM™ is designed an accessory to be utilized when passive fresh air makeup is desired in a remediation/abatement containment are.  When installed, the outside air is filtered through the PerfectFit Filter to provide cleaner air going into the containment area.


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PerfectFit Filters (by Subscription)

PerfectFit Filter Subscription

PerfectFit Filters by BLS are the perfect compliment to your sanitization protocol. Combining good air filtration with good air purification provides a synergistic holistic approach to improving indoor air quality.  This MERV 7 is a true 90 day filter because it has an antimicrobial applied to the "downstream" side of the filter to reduce mold and bacteria and the odors associated with them.